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Horizontal Publishers, LLC is an independent editorial project founded in 2019 and based in Moscow. We are interested in engaged texts on human and society that can be useful for giving a new impulse to the tradition of critical thinking in Russia and neighboring countries.
By now, we have published 11 titles:

Jorge Alemán, "On the Emancipation: Psychoanalysis and Politics", an anthology comprising various texts by the famous Argentinian psychoanalyst;

Marshall Berman, "All That Is Solid Melts Into Air: The Experience of Modernity";

Vladimir Lenin, "The State and Revolution"
(the book includes the article "Lenin's «The State and Revolution»" [1970] by Ralph Miliband, published for the first time in Russian, and an Introduction by Boris Kagarlitsky);

Maria Rita Kehl, "Time and the Dog: The Actuality of Depressions";

Maxim Lebskiy, "USSR's Working Class: Life in the Context of Industrial Paternalism", a study by a Russian historian and political activist;

Ian Parker and David Pavón-Cuéllar, "Psychoanalysis and revolution: critical psychology for liberation movements";

Alexander Migurskiy, "The Common Personal. 28 Cases of Political Readings of Classic and Contemporary Movies", a collection of essays by a Russian film critic and political activist;

"Decoloniality: Present and Future", a collection of essays on colonial heritage and subalterns' life in modern Post-Soviet coutries by various scholars, artists and activists;

John Smith, "Imperialism in the Twenty-First Century: Globalization, Superexploitation, and Capitalism's Final Crisis";

"Biennale of the difficult heritage", the catalog of an exhibition dedicated to the post-war socialtrauma and its healing;

Alysson Leandro Mascaro, "State and Political Form";

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